InviziTrak makes green screen tracking markers invisible.

We believe visual effects artists, supervisors and producers should be empowered to focus on pushing the limits of visual storytelling —  not labor-intensive compositing tasks. InviziTrak represents a quantum leap in camera tracking live-action footage. By completely eliminating the need to use traditional tracking markers, on-set VFX supervisors can focus on the filmmaking process and VFX artists no longer need to remove tracking markers from green-screen or non-chroma key VFX plates.

How does it work?

Before shooting, just attach the wireless sync box to the camera HD-SDI or RED CRTL sync, set to 48fps and 360 degree shutter angle (or the highest allowed by the camera), plug in the tracking marker projector, and you are ready to shoot. 

On-set, the system features wireless control with brightness, laser on/off for each Laser Cube, phase and pulse duration for fine-tuning sync, and a phase-invert to swap between monitoring with tracking markers visible or marker-less clean output on a 24fps monitor. 

In post, using InviziTrak results in two pieces of footage: one with tracking markers for match moving, and one without for completely clean keying.


VFX - 100% clean keys. No marker removal. Green screen, blue screen and non-chroma key environment tracking.

Camera - Wireless shutter sync from 3G HD-SDI with loop through (or the CTRL port on RED cameras). Remote control for pulse width, offset, and phase inversion.

Lighting - Dimmable high brightness lasers. AC power with Neutrik powerCON loop out. Anton Bauer battery power.

Grip - Junior / baby combo swivel mount for stand or grid.

Sound - Fan-less, silent operation.